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My name is Diane Propsner, and I’m an advocate of women’s college as well as a Huffington Post Blogger.

Having graduated from a women’s college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, I know first-hand how empowering these learning institutions are for young women.

As an advocate, I’m most interested in increasing awareness about women’s colleges in the United States and identifying the advantages of attending a women’s college. The reasons for attending a women’s college are varied and well documented—most notably, graduates of women's colleges achieve higher rates of success than their female counterparts from coed institutions.

As I continue to interact with college-bound high school girls (when writing my Huffington Post blog posts), I’m happy to report that more and more young women are discovering the advantages of an academic rich environment at colleges for women. These institutions continue to prepare girls, like themselves, for meaningful lives and careers by providing a learning environment that fosters creativity, builds self-esteem, and promotes personal growth while affording numerous unique opportunities and experiences. Students at women’s colleges have more opportunities to take part in relevant research and internships (even as first-year students), develop leadership skills, and participate in study-abroad programs. These young women also are discovering that students  who graduate from a women’s college are well prepared to enter any graduate program or launch a career.

These future college students know what today’s employers are seeking when recruiting candidates to hire (being able to apply “book smarts” to the real world), and they are choosing women’s colleges because of the competitive edge they provide. They understand how colleges that focus on educating women solely give them the best opportunity to develop skills and abilities employers are demanding: written and oral communication, analytical and research skills, and leadership abilities.

In addition, women college’s campuses are ideal for the student who is looking for a more personal, diverse college experience. Class sizes are small, ensuring one-on-one attention from professors. Richly diverse student populations (for example, women’s colleges attract international students) facilitate an environment for global interaction and learning.

If your goal for going to college includes any of these considerations, I encourage you to identify several women’s colleges that meet your requirements and then visit each campus to learn more.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  As more and more girls become interested in attending a women’s college, I hope this blog makes it easier to learn about these unique institutions.  Feel free to read my Huffington Post blog posts, or send me an e-mail message via the blog’s contact tool.  I welcome your feedback and/or questions.

Diane Propsner


I think this generation is simply amazing and I encourage all young people, as they graduate from high school, to decide what’s next. Ask yourself, “Now what?” If this includes attending college, my wish is that you discover the college that’s the best fit for you. Take the time to research the many college options (while visiting as many campuses as possible, both coed and single-sex) and always listen to your internal guidance system. While others will offer their opinion/advice (including myself), only you know what’s best for you. And no worries, should the college selected not work out, you can always transfer to another college. Keep in mind that life is meant to be fun and interesting. Keep in mind that in life you always have a choice and there is always another option if the original one does not work out as you thought it would . . . be fearless when embracing life! Be confident knowing that things are always working out for YOU!

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