Friday, January 9, 2015

Her College Story: The Right College Choice for Me

Shanee’ Herd
St. Catherine University
Class: 2017
Major: Nursing

I decided on going to St. Kate’s after visiting about six colleges around Minnesota—big and small. I chose St. Kate’s because I would have a place and be known rather than just be a number like at a big school. I also knew that at St. Kate’s is a very safe campus.  Along with that, St. Kate’s would show me that women are strong individuals who can achieve great things when given the chance. This is when I knew that a woman’s college was right for me.

I will be a strong independent woman when I graduate from St. Kate’s.  When I told my friends that I was going to St. Kate’s, most of them laughed. They said that would not be fun not having boys around. I enjoy not having boys in my classes because I get the chance to talk and not feel like boys are judging me or feeling superior to me.

My family on the other hand was overly excited. They were glad that I was going to become a strong independent woman. My brother was even more excited because he attended a men’s college, St. Johns and loved it. He knew I would love St. Kate’s and be very safe there.  As of now, I’m still at St. Kate’s and hoping to graduate with my nursing degree in the spring of 2017.

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  1. I graduated from St. Kate's Evening, Weekend, Online program this past May. Best experience I could ever ask for and I miss the interaction with amazing, intelligent women everyday! Enjoy your journey!