Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Sasheene Denny, a Native American and Learn about her College Story that Started at a Women’s College

Sasheene attended Alverno College (women’s college in Milwaukee) and graduated with honors in 2013. I enjoyed reading her story in this blog post and I know you will as well: “A Woman on the Move: Sasheene Denny and Her Cambridge Education.”

"Denny says she was raised by strong women and because of them—and because of Alverno—she has become a feminist. “I’d always been around strong women but it had been family. I’d never really met women who were like that in everyday life until at Alverno I ran into a lot of absolutely amazing women and I was also in an environment that told women, you are an individual and your voice matters.” Her feminism, says Denny, is one of the most important things she wants people to know about her."

Continue reading Sasheene's amazing story here.

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