Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The many benefits of a women’s college

“My mom is a Mount Holyoke alum, so growing up I never thought of women’s colleges as being different from any other school. I looked at several women’s colleges when applying along with other co-ed universities. It came down to this school giving me the best quality of education for the amount of money I was offered, but the close-knit community at Mount Holyoke really pulled me in. I really forged an identity here and have grown so much stronger in voicing my opinions, and I think I owe it to my school encouraging self-determination, supportiveness, and never fearing change,” Jessica, class of 2018, recently told Her Campus.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

7 Misconceptions About Going To A Women’s College by Katherine Craig

This Stephens College student, Katherine Craig, wrote a fantastic blog post: 7 Misconceptions About Going To A Women’s College.

1. Since there are no boys here we never “try” in the morning. Please. First of all, I get ready and I dress up for ME, not for any boy. Also, let’s be honest, girls usually try to impress other girls more than they try to impress guys. Girls will notice what you wear more than guys will. It's a great feeling knowing that the campus is abuzz about your fashion choice of the day.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Best early Christmas present ever . . .

"I've been accepted to my top choice and I couldn't be happier or more excited."

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Ada Louise Comstock!

Ada attended Smith College, Class of 1897 and was a life-long advocate for women's education. Learn more about how Ada was a never-ending champion and advocate.

Ada Comstock returning for her 25th reunion in 1922.
[Faculty Biographical Files, Ada Comstock Papers]

Smith College honors Ada today with via the The Ada Comstock Scholars Program. This program is designed for women of non-traditional age to campus. Check out the video below.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Strong Story | Lindsay Parlberg

"Lindsay Parlberg, ’15, is the first woman in Meredith’s history to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Her diverse internships and research experiences have helped her decide what area of public health she wants to pursue and have prepared her for a professional position in the public health field."

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I LOVE this quote from a college-bound high school girl!

"I'm interested in bulking up my college list with more women's colleges as I have started loving the idea of attending one."

Yes indeed! It's a growing trend. Read my HuffPost blog post, New College Cool: Women's Colleges and you too will understand why. Women's colleges are the best kept secret in higher education today - but don't let that stop you from attending one!

New College Cool: Women's Colleges 
by Diane Propsner

With the influx of college-bound high school girls applying to women's colleges, colleges for women are becoming the new college cool.

Now, some of you young ladies might be thinking, "No way, not for me, I had enough girl drama in high school." (An understandable sentiment held by many who ultimately decide to attend a women's college, I might add.) The girls who changed their minds took the time to see if a single-sex college was right for them. Those that decided it was the best fit say it's the best decision they've ever made.

So why is there an increased interest in women's colleges? And how do I know that the women who decided to attend are thrilled that they did?

For the past two-years I've connected with women's colleges across the country as well as with their future students, current students, and recent alumnae intending to blog about my findings. During this time I learned about the many wonderful things going on in the world of women's colleges, all contributing to this cool influx.

Learning about new facilities, buildings and/or residence halls being built or renovated to accommodate new and future students was inspirational. Hearing about the extraordinary support provided by alumnae, by generously giving of their money and/or time, was remarkable. Seeing women's colleges cement their relevant for future generations of women by continuing to add new areas of study or update current programs makes me proud to be an advocate of women's colleges.

Speaking with students, they shared their stories and dreams with me as they entered college or progressed as students. Each has a unique personality; some are confident and outgoing, while others are more shy and reserved. What they have in common is that they are academically focused, mature, and fairly independent. In the end, regardless of their individual stories, dreams or personality, they are all amazing!

When I speak with recent alumnae, they all say the same thing; they felt well prepared to continue on to graduate school or launch a career after graduation. Many credit their alma mater as being the place where they found their voices and only now do they truly appreciate the many advantages of attending a women's college. As they reflect upon their college selection process, they realize that they would have missed out on a fantastic opportunity had they not included women's colleges on their campus visit list.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

YEA! Barnard will have first endowed computer science chair in 2017, laying groundwork for future department

This is such exciting news from Barnard College!

Barnard will have its first endowed computer science department chair by 2017.

Barnard lacks a computer science department, but the college raised $3 million to fund a chair specifically for the discipline that will ultimately lay the groundwork for a department. The chair announcement comes as Barnard increases its efforts to incorporate more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into its curriculum.

Barnard students currently looking to major in computer science must do so through Columbia. Barnard only offers co-curricular digital design classes at the Athena Center that cannot be taken for credit. . . .

In keeping with this commitment, the Teaching & Learning Center will feature a number of interactive technological spaces for students, including a computer science laboratory.

“The classroom spaces are going to be fabulous for promoting the kinds of courses that allow us to be at the cutting edge of digital technology today,” Bell said. “I think it doesn’t just speak to the CS issue. It speaks to changing the way pedagogy is done at Barnard, creating opportunities for really creative, even greater opportunities, I would say, for creative and innovative pedagogy.”

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If you love big cities, this women's college' beautiful campus is located in NYC!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cool Vintage Logo

From the archive of  Moore College of Art & Design: Logo illustration by Gladys Smith, used on the School Catalogue from 1917-1918. 

Today, Moore College is a college for women devoted to teaching art and design and to educating women for lifelong learning and involvement in the visual arts.

Located in Philadelphia, visit the campus to learn more or meet other students, alumna and faculty online.

And I love the history of the college:

Founded by Sarah Worthington Peter in 1848, Moore College of Art & Design is the first and only women’s visual arts college in the nation. Established as the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, the College continues to thrive on the promise of empowering women to achieve financial independence by providing a high-quality, career-focused education. 

Today, Moore celebrates its rich legacy. Sarah Worthington Peter's original vision continues to drive the College’s mission to educate women for careers in the visual arts. Though our first major was textile design—established during the Industrial Revolution, of which Philadelphia was the center—the College now offers 10 BFA programs including Art Education, Art History, Curatorial Studies, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Interactive & Motion Arts and Photography & Digital Arts.

 In recent years, we have expanded our curriculum to include Post-Baccalaureate programs in addition to continuing education programs for adults and youth. In 2009, Moore introduced coeducational graduate level programs.