Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Cool Vintage Logo

From the archive of  Moore College of Art & Design: Logo illustration by Gladys Smith, used on the School Catalogue from 1917-1918. 

Today, Moore College is a college for women devoted to teaching art and design and to educating women for lifelong learning and involvement in the visual arts.

Located in Philadelphia, visit the campus to learn more or meet other students, alumna and faculty online.

And I love the history of the college:

Founded by Sarah Worthington Peter in 1848, Moore College of Art & Design is the first and only women’s visual arts college in the nation. Established as the Philadelphia School of Design for Women, the College continues to thrive on the promise of empowering women to achieve financial independence by providing a high-quality, career-focused education. 

Today, Moore celebrates its rich legacy. Sarah Worthington Peter's original vision continues to drive the College’s mission to educate women for careers in the visual arts. Though our first major was textile design—established during the Industrial Revolution, of which Philadelphia was the center—the College now offers 10 BFA programs including Art Education, Art History, Curatorial Studies, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Interactive & Motion Arts and Photography & Digital Arts.

 In recent years, we have expanded our curriculum to include Post-Baccalaureate programs in addition to continuing education programs for adults and youth. In 2009, Moore introduced coeducational graduate level programs.

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