Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I LOVE this quote from a college-bound high school girl!

"I'm interested in bulking up my college list with more women's colleges as I have started loving the idea of attending one."

Yes indeed! It's a growing trend. Read my HuffPost blog post, New College Cool: Women's Colleges and you too will understand why. Women's colleges are the best kept secret in higher education today - but don't let that stop you from attending one!

New College Cool: Women's Colleges 
by Diane Propsner

With the influx of college-bound high school girls applying to women's colleges, colleges for women are becoming the new college cool.

Now, some of you young ladies might be thinking, "No way, not for me, I had enough girl drama in high school." (An understandable sentiment held by many who ultimately decide to attend a women's college, I might add.) The girls who changed their minds took the time to see if a single-sex college was right for them. Those that decided it was the best fit say it's the best decision they've ever made.

So why is there an increased interest in women's colleges? And how do I know that the women who decided to attend are thrilled that they did?

For the past two-years I've connected with women's colleges across the country as well as with their future students, current students, and recent alumnae intending to blog about my findings. During this time I learned about the many wonderful things going on in the world of women's colleges, all contributing to this cool influx.

Learning about new facilities, buildings and/or residence halls being built or renovated to accommodate new and future students was inspirational. Hearing about the extraordinary support provided by alumnae, by generously giving of their money and/or time, was remarkable. Seeing women's colleges cement their relevant for future generations of women by continuing to add new areas of study or update current programs makes me proud to be an advocate of women's colleges.

Speaking with students, they shared their stories and dreams with me as they entered college or progressed as students. Each has a unique personality; some are confident and outgoing, while others are more shy and reserved. What they have in common is that they are academically focused, mature, and fairly independent. In the end, regardless of their individual stories, dreams or personality, they are all amazing!

When I speak with recent alumnae, they all say the same thing; they felt well prepared to continue on to graduate school or launch a career after graduation. Many credit their alma mater as being the place where they found their voices and only now do they truly appreciate the many advantages of attending a women's college. As they reflect upon their college selection process, they realize that they would have missed out on a fantastic opportunity had they not included women's colleges on their campus visit list.

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