Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Her College Story: A Family Tradition - Wesleyan College

By Auburn Davidson
Wesleyan College
Class of 2017
Double Major: Psychology and Neuroscience

Growing up, I spent hours pouring over my mom’s Wesleyan College yearbooks.  Looking at all the traditions, sisterhood, and best friends excited me more and more as I got older.  When it came time to apply to colleges, Wesleyan was my first choice, although I was hesitant about the lack of boys.  But, my mother and grandmother having gone there, it just made sense. 

From my first contact with my admissions counselor to now, finishing up my first year, Wesleyan has completely captured my heart…and I hardly notice the lack of boys. 

You can ask almost anyone I know, I have changed in remarkable ways since entering Wesleyan.  I am more confident, more intelligent, and happier than I ever have been.  The diversity of backgrounds of the women who have become my sisters has opened my eyes to many different ways of thinking.  I am a much better advocate for myself, and I don’t find myself constantly wondering if I look good enough. 

After I accepted my scholarship, people joked with me that I was going there so I wouldn’t be distracted by guys, and I thought it was funny, but now, I see that it is completely true.  I actually pay attention in classes instead of wondering if the football player two seats over thinks I’m cute.  I truly believe that if I had not come to a women’s college, I would be self-conscious and caught up in the same drama I had in high school.

However, because I am at Wesleyan, the First for Women, I am a much stronger, happier, and healthier woman.  If I could go back and tell senior-in-high-school me anything, it would be to get ready, because Wesleyan and all of the strong women that come along with it are going to rock your world!

                                        © 2014 - Auburn Davidson

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