Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrating Women’s History Month, Stephens College Style

Check out Stephens College’s new Women's History Month Web site!

"Stephens College is committed to women’s education. We believe in giving women the opportunity to develop into confident, self-sufficient, independent leaders.

Located in Columbia, Mo., home of the University of Missouri, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with everyone. On campus, though, you’ll have more opportunities to be a star—and that’s going to give you a better chance of being a star after graduation.

Although graduates of women’s colleges represent only 2 percent of all women graduating from college, 30 percent of rising women stars in corporate America graduated from women’s colleges, and 20 percent of women in Congress graduated from all-women’s colleges. Studies show those graduating from women’s colleges are more successful, earn more money and are happier than their co-ed peers."

Learn more about this women's college by visiting their Web site.

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