Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Her Mom Suggested a Women’s College

 "Being the first and only residential college for women that provides students to build their success while uniting women together, Douglass Residential College is a place that Jennifer can call home. Her mother initially convinced her to apply to Douglass, feeling it would be a great idea for Jennifer to surround herself with a community full of strong women.”

Douglass is part of Rutgers University (The State University of New Jersey). Both of my sisters graduated from Douglass and loved going to this women’s colleges. Get to know Jennifer Osolinski, a senior at Douglass, to see if Douglass might be right for you!

Blog Post Highlights:

“Leadership and determination is something Jennifer most definitely brings to the table. She is a Douglass woman who brings out the best in her colleagues and is able to take her leadership roles and persistence to encourage many young women across Douglass. Jennifer wants the women of Douglass, as well as across the nation to be fearless and take leadership roles, they should never let society’s perception of their gender get in the way of what they aspire to become.”

Learn more about Douglass College from their Web site.

As referenced on Wikkepedia: "Douglass Residential College, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is a part of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. . . .It offers a community that focuses on developing women's success. Douglass Residential College provides opportunities for women to reside in single-sex residence halls, to participate in women-centered organizations and to develop leadership skills."

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