Thursday, April 3, 2014

Her College Story: Why Ashley is a Katie

By Ashley de los Reyes
St. Catherine University
Class of 2015
English and Theology Major


My name is Ashley.  I’m a Katie.

I never thought I would be.  Attending a local women’s university was not something I was even remotely interested in while in high school.  I was positive I wanted to go to one of the co-ed state colleges my classmates were applying to.  The thought of spending my undergraduate years at a school founded, maintained, and attended by women didn’t sound very appealing—at first.

While still a junior in high school, I toured St. Catherine University for the first time.  I remember that the grass was green, the birds were chirping, and the students were polite and friendly.  I thought the campus was beautiful, but I still wasn’t totally convinced this was the school for me.

And then I heard the story of our founder, Mother Antonia McHugh.  Her stubbornness, visionary leadership, and confidence stunned me.  If the idea of equally educating women not only to lead but to influence came from the very woman who founded our university, this was definitely the place for me!  St. Kate’s has been home ever since.

Three years ago I made the choice to receive my education from a women’s university.  Today, I am nothing but grateful for the opportunities I’ve gotten while here.  I’ve gotten to learn in an environment that is designed for women.  I’ve been able to get involved with on-campus clubs and work with other women leaders.  I’ve made friendships with my classmates that will last a lifetime. 

Among all of these, the best gift I’ve gotten is confidence: the confidence to know that hard works does indeed pay off, the confidence that women are excellent leaders, and the confidence that, because we are women, it is inevitable that we will influence this world for the better.

                                      © 2014 - Ashley de los Reyes

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