Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What this Women’s College Student is Doing to Prevent Bullying: We Stop Hate

Today I’ll share with you yet another amazing college for women student story. Meet this Barnard College student, Emily-Anne Rigal from the class of 2016.

Emily-Anne is the Founder of We Stop Hate. Her organization is all about "raising self-esteem in teens (teen-esteem) through various social media platforms that engage teens to help each other gain confidence."

Learn more about her amazing story by watching the video or visiting the We Stop Hate Web site.

In a recent Huffington Post blog post, I blogged about a Barnard alumna, Ebonie Smith, and her commitment to helping women break into a male dominated profession; music production. In this blog post I included a powerful statement from Barnard College, "Barnard women change the world and the way we think about it." Emily-Anne is another example. If changing the world is on your to-do list, you might want to consider Barnard College. To learn more about Barnard College, visit the college Web site.

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