Friday, March 14, 2014

What's In A Women's College?

Rachel Hennessy, before graduating from a women’s college, Scripps College, in 2013 with a BA in American Studies and a minor in Fine Arts, wrote an insightful article, “What's In A Women's College?” for Forbes Magazine.

I’ve included the highlights below and encourage you to read the entire article.

Article Highlights:

"By attending a women’s college, females are driven to tackle traditionally male-dominated areas in academics and clubs. The argument that these female students are living in a competition-free oasis that does not represent the “real world” undermines the fact women certainly have one another to compete with! Choosing to attend a women’s school is the opposite of “comfortable” because it challenges students to step outside of gender norms and engage in new leadership roles." . . .

"A women’s college is not a place where students “hide out to collectively agonize” over gender issues. It’s a place where students encourage one another to be educated about feminist history. It’s a place where students dare to defy gender norms. It’s a place where students come to engage in leadership roles that they may not otherwise have had access to."

Continue reading here.

Currently, Rachel is an Editorial Assistant at Good Housekeeping Magazine.

To learn more about
Scripps College, visit the college Web site.

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