Thursday, January 15, 2015

New College Scholarship Available (full and partial tuition) at this Women’s College : "Make a Difference, Make a Leader"

Colleges for women are known for their exceptional financial aid packages and I love sharing new scholarships when they become available. Here's one such scholarship at The University of Saint Joseph.

From the USJ Web site:

The University of Saint Joseph announces a new scholarship opportunity, "Make a Difference, Make a Leader."

"This scholarship is created for students who have made a difference in the lives of others.

We are looking for students who have impacted society in ways such as community service, volunteerism, leadership initiatives, and other achievements. We want to reward those exceptional students with full and partial tuition awards to USJ.

USJ is a student-focused women's college which promotes the growth of the whole person in a caring environment that encourages strong ethical values, personal integrity and a sense of responsibility to the needs of society. We are looking for women who have shown a selfless commitment and dedication to change the lives of those around them, and made a difference in someone's life." 

Additional information is available here.

This single-sex college, The University of Saint Joseph is located in West Hartford, CT.

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