Thursday, January 1, 2015

Video: How I Got In (Barnard College)

Here’s a video about Barnard College created by My College Timeline. In the video, Carina (from MCT) talks with a BC senior Claire Bouchard. I liked it very much and after reading the comments (about how helpful the video was), I thought visitors to my blog might also find it insightful.

Below are some of the comments about the video:

Katie Mahoney wrote, “What a wonderful video! I am a high school sophomore and these tips helped A TON!! Barnard is my dream school!!”

Jessica Song wrote, “Thank you soooo much for posting this great video! I really learnt a lot from this, and as a senior, my on-campus interview with Barnard is coming up in two weeks and some of the points that you guys hit really helped me tune in a little bit more! And Barnard is definitely my very first choice!”

Sarah A. posted, “This video was extremely helpful! Barnard is my absolute first choice, but it's a reach college, so I want to do everything in my power to improve my chances of getting in. Does anyone have tips for someone with high SAT scores (2200+) and a high GPA (4.0+) but with not-so-great extracurricular?”

Haley Fletcher said, “Thank you both so much! This was extremely helpful!”

I hoped you enjoyed the video and remember the best way to discover if a college is right for you is to schedule a visit!

Barnard College is located in NYC. Learn more about the college here. And if you would like to read a previous HuffPost blog post about a Barnard Alumna, Ebonie Smith and her vision for encouraging more women music producers, click here.

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