Friday, February 22, 2013

Women’s Colleges Are a Hidden Treasure (Continued)

Yesterday I posted Theresa Antonellis' comment, an alumna of Mount Holyoke College, in response to the article, “Why Choose a Women’s College?” by Neha Thirani that was published in The New York Times. Today, I’m posting two additional comments from the article and they are as follows:

Sharon's posted comment, “I also graduated from a women's college (Mount Holyoke) and am also in the sciences because of my experiences there. The environment enabled me to take academic and personal risks that I could not have taken elsewhere (actually "did not" in my case since I transferred to Mount Holyoke after having spent my first two years of undergrad at a coed college that had formerly been all male). Watched women being systematically silenced in the coed environment and knew that I needed to go elsewhere ---especially since I come from a family background that offers absolutely no support for my pursuing professional training of any sort. Had a wonderful experience at Mount Holyoke.”

Mount Holyoke College is a women’s college located in South Hadley, MA. Click here to learn more.

Kathy's posted comment, “As a Barnard graduate, I can attest to the outstanding education I received there. I was a premed science major, and I was able to take the intro courses at Barnard, and some of the advanced science courses across the street at Columbia. In face, some of my Columbia colleagues cross-registered at Barnard for the intro to biology, sociology, and poly sci courses. In fact, I met my future husband in the same biology course. Today I am a physician, for which I am most grateful to Barnard for molding my initial scientific interests. You have the experience of college, if you wish to simply focus on college life, but also the amazing life of NYC. I treasure my time at Barnard, particularly for the wonderful friendships, and of course, my most enriching relationship with my husband.”

Barnard College is a women’s college located in New York, NY. Click here to learn more.

As a point of reference, The New York Times published Neha Thirani’s article “Why Choose a Women’s College?” on March 22, 2012.

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