Monday, July 29, 2013

The Benefit's of Women's Colleges

Evette Dionne's article, “The Benefits of Women’s Colleges,” published by the online magazine, Clutch on June 14, 2013 is one I know you will enjoy! In this blog post, I've included article highlights as well as the above image, but do read the entire article.

Article Highlights Include:

"The imagery is hilarious, but it also highlights how diverse – and sometimes inaccurate – perceptions of women’s colleges are.

I am often asked why I chose to attend and graduate from Bennett College, a historical black institution for women of color. The answer is complex and involves a mixture of CNN, Dr. Julianne Malveaux and scholarships, but the freedom and doubt from which the question is posed is the issue.

The real question should be: Why not?

Women’s colleges are rooted in traditions that promote empowerment, sisterhood, and the intelligence of women. Some might question the relevance of women’s colleges in a society where women are making strides toward gender parity, but statistics show that women’s colleges such as Bennett and Spelman College are responsible for sending over 50 percent of Black women to graduate programs in the sciences.

Women’s colleges encourage students to thrive and excel in leadership positions often reserved for men on co-ed campuses."

Learn more about Bennett College via their Web site.

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