Friday, December 5, 2014

Who Watched Peter Pan Live Last Night?

If you’re a Peter Pan fan, here’s an interesting piece of trivia.

Who was the original Peter Pan? 

If you guessed Maude Adams, you’re correct!

But did you also know that Maude was the former head of the theatre department at Stephens College?

Stephens College, a liberal arts women’s college located in Columbia, MO,  (with a focus on creative arts and sciences) has a top-notch theatre department offering both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts. Learn more about their Theatre Arts program here, Theatre Management  program here, or Musical Theatre program here.

Stephens also offers a Master of Fine Arts in TV and Screenwriting: the first low-residency M.F.A. program specifically for TV and screenwriting. Learn more about the program here.

Additional information about Stephens College is available here or by visiting the college Web site here.

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