Thursday, May 28, 2015

Women's College Tradition: Hoop Rolling

One of a kind tradition at this women's college: Wellesley College. I LOVE this tradition. Looks like so much FUN!!

Traditional Schedule of Events (From Wellesley's Website)

Little Sisters (underclasswomen) camp out the night before the event to hold a spot for their Big Sisters (upperclasswomen) on Tupelo Lane.

Hoops are passed down to seniors or provided by Cafe Hoop—and then are decorated.

Come morning, the seniors arrive—dressed for success in their Commencement gowns and class colors.

At a signal, the seniors race down the lane, pushing their hoops with a wooden stick.

Back in the day, it was proclaimed that whoever won the Hoop Roll would be the first to get married. In the status-seeking 1980s, she was the first to be CEO. Now we just say that the winner will be the first to achieve happiness and success, whatever that means to her.

The winner is carried away by her Wellesley Sisters...

...and has the honor of being thrown into Lake Waban.

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