Thursday, August 13, 2015

Notable Women and their Alma Maters

Sweet Briar College alumna, Margaretta Colangelo President at U1 Technologies, penned this LinkedIn post, Notable Women and their Alma Maters.

The post contains a long list and as well as the following facts:

  • Women's college graduates are twice as likely as female graduates of co-ed institutions to earn a Ph.D., attend medical school, be involved in philanthropic activities, attain higher positions in their careers, and earn higher incomes.
  • Only 2% of female college graduates attended a women's college, yet 30% of female executives and 20% of women in Congress attended a women's college.
  •  Women’s colleges produce disproportionately high numbers of alumnae who go into male dominated fields such as STEM, business, medicine, law, and politics.
  • 3/4 of the women’s college graduates are in the work force and over 80% have earned advanced degrees.
  • 90% of women’s college graduates give their colleges high marks for fostering self-confidence.
  • 80% of women’s college graduates are strong supporters of their alma mater including serving as trustees, mentoring students and young alumnae, hiring interns and recruiting from their alma mater.
So, who's your favorite? (I have several!)

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