Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Larisa Manzo '14 Art History & Graphic Design Major

I LOVE sharing stories from graduates of women's colleges. In this blog post, meet Larisa Manzo '14 Art History & Graphic Design major from Moore College of Art & Design located in Philadelphia, PA.

"I decided to come to Moore because it was the first school where I walked in and felt like I would fit in. The student leaders told me about the type of work they made and told me about the teachers. I felt like I belonged here even before I filled out an application.

Moore is a great place to learn. In my studio classes I was allowed to try anything. I used my own abstract photography, hand drawn type, and sometimes my own paintings. My teachers pushed me to make my design stand out. In my academic classes, I was constantly learning. These classes let me research and write about what I like or what I am curious about.

My education has allowed me to create a niche for myself. I have two sets of skills. I can design and create, but I can also write, research and present my ideas. I can take these skills anywhere. After graduation, I was nominated to be the Class of 2014 young alumni representative on Moore's Board of Managers."

Check out Moore's majors:

BFA Majors – Ten majors leading to a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree
  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Curatorial Studies
  • Fashion Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Interactive & Motion Arts
  • Interior Design (Accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, CIDA, Interior Design Data for CIDA)
  • Photography & Digital Arts

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