Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Generations Of Grads On Why Women-Only Colleges Still Matter

"When we asked women why they chose this school, the answers varied by generation. Women who attended in the '80s or later — when co-ed options were multiplying — were more likely to say they hadn't sought out single-sex education.

“I chose Sweet Briar because I really liked Sweet Briar, not because I specifically wanted to attend a women’s college,” said Margaretta Colangelo, class of 1987 and now the president of U1 Technologies.

Amelia Currin, who started at Sweet Briar this fall, agreed. “I liked the academics; I liked how the professors really care about their students,” she said.“If I went to a big university, I really wouldn’t get that one-on-one attention."

For Juliette Arnheim, class of 1961, however, Sweet Briar was one of a limited number of options open to her in the 1950s. A Tennessee native, her choice was either the University of Tennessee or a women’s college. Since she didn't want to go a large state school, Sweet Briar it was."

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