Thursday, June 20, 2013

Music Dreams Come True

Here’s a quote from Ally Einbinder of Potty Mouth as quoted in the article, “Band To Watch: Potty Mouth.”

In the same way it was a deliberate decision for me to go to an all-women’s college, it was a deliberate desire for me to be in an all-women’s band.” - Ally Einbinder of Potty Mouth.

Ally graduated from Smith College in 2010. Smith College is a women's college located in Northampton, MA. Below is additional information about Smith College. Please note that the following information is from the Smith College Web site.

Here's what Smith's academics are all about:

"Experience a living tradition of intellectual rigor and scope. Take a risk on an untested concept. Develop the acuity to frame an argument, and the eloquence to persuade others of its merit. Take an art class even though your major is engineering. Work with a faculty of scholars who respect their students enough to expect the highest standards of academic achievement."

About Smith

"Since its founding in 1871, Smith College has provided women of high ability and promise an education of uncompromising quality. A world-class faculty of scholars are fully engaged with their students' intellectual development, and an open curriculum encourages each student to explore many fields of knowledge. Mentors for scholarship, leadership and service, across all spectrums of endeavor, allow Smith students to observe different models of achievement, then set their own course with conviction."

An Education as Unique as You Are

At Smith, your individual exploration and education come first. The focus is on making the most of who you are and what you want to become.
• Your education is one of the most personal endeavors in your life, and through it you will discover what empowers and inspires you.
• You’ll be free to pursue your intellectual passions and be supported on your own terms.
• Your learning experience will include faculty advisers and mentors and independent study opportunities, small class sizes and an open curriculum of exceptional breadth and depth.
• Your friends and classmates will be diverse individuals, and each woman’s unique experiences contribute toward creating a vibrant community.

At Smith, the world is your campus: preparing you to live, work and lead across global borders.
• You’ll delve deeply into the world of ideas and perspectives as you explore the rich offerings of Smith’s comprehensive curriculum.
• You’ll live and study with women from around the world.
• You’ll have the opportunity for far-reaching experiences off campus.
• You’ll build the skills to lead a truly international life.
• You’ll gain a network of connections—cultural, intellectual, personal and professional.

At Smith, exceptional young women like you gain the knowledge and skills to excel.
• You’ll be among a diverse group of students from many nationalities and backgrounds who together will form an extraordinary intellectual community.
• You’ll be grounded in the fundamentals of leadership skills.
• You’ll be empowered to take on the challenges of the 21st century and to become an agent of change in your community.

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