Friday, June 14, 2013

The Women’s College Advantage

Aside from the academics, the greatest gift women’s colleges give to young women is a supportive environment where she is free to grow and feel empowered. Where leadership skills are developed and encouraged. Where she can be herself without worrying what others think. As a fellow classmate of mine wrote, “There is virtually no time in a young woman's life that she can just be -- be herself without having to look pleasing to someone else, be interested in something without worrying whether a boy will think she's weird or too smart, be adventurous without worrying that she's not feminine enough, be a leader without worrying about being called some pretty awful names.

The environment that a women’s colleges provides instills confident so you are less likely to be afraid.  And this environment is found at women’s colleges and that’s why I’m so passionate about colleges for women.

I hope you enjoy this video: Sheryl Sandberg to Women College Grads: What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid?

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