Friday, September 6, 2013

Article: 5 Great Colleges for Women (Sorry, guys)

I really enjoyed reading this article by Tom Kleese, an independent college planning consultant, “5 Great Colleges for Women (Sorry, guys).”

Tom begins his article with the following:

"March is Women’s History Month. In celebration, I offer this list of 5 great colleges for women…and women only. Single-sex education may seem like a remnant of the past, but according to research conducted by the National Survey of Student Engagement and published by the Women’s College Coalition, “women who attend a women’s college are significantly advantaged in terms of the nature and frequency with which they engage in educationally purposeful activities and in the progress they make in a variety of desirable outcomes of college”. Put simply, it works."

And concludes with:

"Finding the best fit colleges (emphasis on the plural) is not about going where you think you should go, or where you heard you should go, or where they said you should go – it’s about going to a place called the University of You, which for thousands of bright, talented, ambitious young minds happens to be a women’s college."

Learn more about Tom’s college planning services via his Web site, OnCampus College Planning.

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