Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Life After A Women’s College: Roller Derby

I have always wanted to partake in roller derby, so when I saw this announcement from Smith College, I knew I simply had to post the information.

Announcement Highlights:

"Perhaps it has something to do with Smith students’ feistiness, their willingness to take on challenge, turn toward conflict, get ahead of anyone slowing them down, and overcome obstacles.

Or maybe they just like to skate around an oval track.

Whatever the reason, several Smith alumnae (and a visiting faculty member) have taken up the fast-growing sport of roller derby. Half a dozen Smith women compete with the local league, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (PVRD), the premier flat track roller derby club in Western Mass., and nearly as many have past experience in local roller derby. 

For those who haven’t noticed, flat track roller derby has seen a wheel-spinning growth since the sport evolved in 2001. Unlike the roller derby of the 20th century, which became overshadowed by theatrics and fixed outcomes, modern roller derby has grown into a widely respected competitive game, played internationally. The sport is dominated by women's amateur teams, though it is quickly adding men's, co-ed and junior teams, and is among consideration for inclusion in the Olympics. PVRD is a co-ed club with a budding junior program.

“Roller derby embodies a lot of the values I saw being cultivated on campus during my time at Smith,” says Teresa Huang '10, whose team is slated for competition this weekend. “The importance of teamwork, perseverance, pushing through obstruction, leadership. The culture of the sport is very do-it-yourself, and has very woman-centric roots.”"

About Smith College: “Since its founding in 1871, Smith College has provided women of high ability and promise an education of uncompromising quality. A world-class faculty of scholars are fully engaged with their students' intellectual development, and an open curriculum encourages each student to explore many fields of knowledge. Mentors for scholarship, leadership and service, across all spectrums of endeavor, allow Smith students to observe different models of achievement, then set their own course with conviction.”

Learn why an education is as unique as you!

Great information for First Year Students.

Learn why Smith College is a women’s college! (YEA!!!!!!!)

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Learn about how Smith alumnae enjoy success after Smith.

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