Thursday, December 12, 2013

Greatest Takeaways of Attending a Women's College

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"One of the greatest takeaways from my Bryn Mawr experience is undoubtedly the friendships and connections I’ve made with other students. Because dorms incorporate all students (there isn’t just a “senior” or “first-year” dorm) and traditions involve cross-campus inclusion, I’ve often found that some of my closest friends at Bryn Mawr aren’t even in my own class. This is especially true of members in my sister class. A sister class is created between every other year (for example, as a dark blue 2014, my sister classes have been light blue 2012 & 2016). Though it’s hard to watch friends graduate, I’m relieved to know our friendships haven’t deteriorated and that I always have someone to visit when traveling, especially in DC, New York, and Boston."

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