Thursday, May 15, 2014

Women's Colleges, Where Amazing Professors Rule!

I studied biology and loved my professors, but then again I attended a women’s college so this is to be expected.

Meet this amazing biology professor from Mary Baldwin College, a women’s college located in Staunton, VA: Eric Jones.

“Eric Jones — a field naturalist and a muddy boots plant ecologist. I have spent the past 20 years seeking out the flora of Augusta County, Virginia. At present I have photographed over 250 species of plants within the county representing over 65 families of vascular plants. These images have been optimized for viewing on the Web and have been incorporated into an e-book /Web site . Augusta County runs from the crest of the Blue Ridge across the valley to the top of Shenandoah Mountain 50 miles to the west. These ridges are sandstones and basalts and therefore do not neutralize acid rain, while the valley is limestone and therefore able to neutralize the acid runoff from the mountains. The county has everything from a wet prairie at an elevation of 1000 feet to relic forests and shale outcrops at elevations above 3,500 feet. The county contains two wilderness areas (Ramsey’s Draft and The Saint Mary’s Wilderness), a large section of the Washington Jefferson National Forest, and an extensive game management area on North Mountain. In short, I am located in an area with over 2,500 feet change in elevation, a full range of bedrock types, and every possible slope orientation.

In addition to the floral survey work, I am active in the Boy Scouts serving as the Conservation Director for the Stonewall Jackson Area Council, my primary responsibility being the 500 acre Camp Shenandoah. In this role I am working on reforestation and the establishment of warm season grasses and wildflowers. The goal of the restoration is the creation of breeding habitat for quail and other declining bird species. I also work in leadership training and serve as the program director for the summer camp. I have enjoyed working with the local ballet company, and play the Grandfather in The Nutcracker, Dr. Copellius in the ballet Copellia, and the Grandfather in Peter and the Wolf.”

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If you're interested in studying any STEM field, you will want to consider attending a women's college. Recent research shows how supportive women's colleges are for women in STEM!

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