Friday, April 17, 2015

Why I Chose to Attend a Women's College by Jaime Chak-mei Tung '06

Today, I'm sharing a FaceBook post from Mount Holyoke College referencing a 2006 graduate, Jaime Chak-mei Tung and her recent blog post, “Why I Chose to Attend a Women's College."

Alumna Jaime Chak-mei Tung '06 didn't plan on attending a women's college, but says Mount Holyoke "got" her in a way that other schools didn't. Once on campus, she learned: "Speak until you are heard. Use your intelligence. Be skeptical. Be inquisitive. Work hard. You can do better."

If you would like to read Jamie's blog post, Why I Chose to Attend a Women's College, click here.

I also penned two Huffington Post blog posts, sharing stories from high school students that you might enjoy:

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