Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Women's College Tradition: Crook Hunt

The Crook Hunt Tradition at Meredith College is all about the senior class hiding the crook for the junior class to find. Clues are provide, but the crook is not always found. What a fun tradition. At my alma mater we also had a similar tradition.

The Crook Hunt tradition began in 1906 and is still celebrated today – but that hasn’t always the case. It was banned on campus from 1913-1929 due to safety concerns after the crook was hidden so that a student had to hang out of a window to retrieve it. Here you see the wooden crook, adorned with class colors, being carried into the amphitheater during Class Day 2015. The colorful ribbons signify that the crook wasn't found by the juniors during the hunt. If it had been found, the ribbons would be black.

Learn more about the Crook Hunt on the Meredith Moments blog: 

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