Monday, March 25, 2013

Women’s Colleges: Relevant, Rewarding, and Definitely NOT Old Fashioned!

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What kind of student should consider a women’s college?

Agnes Scott College: Every high school girl should consider a women’s college.  Women who want an environment where it’s not only okay to be a smart girl, but the norm to be smart will find a great fit at a women’s college. I think at heart, students who come to women’s colleges are ones who want to put their education and academic experience above all else. That’s not say you won’t have a lot fun while a student, but your classmates are going to be focused on academic excellence — so you should be serious about being a student.

Hollins University: The type of student who should consider a women’s college is one who wants discussion instead of lectures, hard questions instead of pat answers. Instead of being told, they want to see for themselves. Instead of play-by-the-rules learning, they want to discover things for themselves. We seek out women with strong personalities and ambitious goals, and who want to express themselves in their own unique way.

Saint Mary’s College: A young woman who wants to be engaged (both inside and outside of the classroom) and is interested in developing her leadership skills. At Saint Mary’s, everything that is done by students is done by women. If there is a student initiative, every facet of it will be planned and executed by women. That alone is fundamental and important — it builds confidence and grows leadership skills.

Sweet Briar: I truly believe every young woman owes it to herself to at least consider a women’s college.  It’s a powerful experience, to live and study in a place that is completely focused on the success of young women.

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