Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Notre Dame of Maryland University Continues to Grow

In this question and answer article, “President wants NDMU mission to grow,” written by By Paul McMullen, Dr. James F. Conneely, the new President at Notre Dame of Maryland University answers various questions. Article highlights include the following:

Q. This is a pivotal moment in the global push for women’s rights. How important is it that the School Sisters have a track record there?
A. It reaffirms that a women’s college is still relevant. The experiences our students have are empowering. They realize they can make a difference, not just here on campus, but by being a leader, an advocate, for those issues globally.

Q. What is it like to be at a college where students are known by their name, and not their student ID number?
A. That is the reason I came here. One of the reasons I went back to a small private institution, you are able to make an impact in a larger way. I think the students appreciate that. I think they like the fact that they can get to know me. I see them, maybe sometimes when they don’t want me to.

Q. How do you adjust to being leader of all-female college?
A. It would have been very easy for the senior class to blow me off. They were here with Dr. (Mary Pat) Seurkamp and had a lot of love for her, but the senior class has embraced me. They’ve invited me to their functions, it’s like we were together since their freshman year. Growing up with sisters and having two teenaged daughters, I think I had a fairly good understanding of the female psyche.

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