Friday, April 5, 2013

What is it Like To Go To a Women's College?

Cassie Kosarek, a 2012 graduate of Bryn Mawr College, writes about what it’s like to attend a women’s college. This article was published on March 07, 2013.

From the article:

I never found the social environment at my women’s college to be stunted in any way. Instead, I happily found myself surrounded by other motivated women who were unwilling to compromise their goals because of detrimental social stereotypes or expectations. I’ve found graduates of women’s colleges to be part of a unique, empowered club dedicated to social change and equality, forever striving to improve upon the academic, professional, and social advancements of past graduates. I credit the attitude instilled by my women’s college, which champions ability over self-doubt, with my postgraduate willingness to take risks, to point out injustices, and to view the world through a thoughtful, critical lens. Attending Bryn Mawr was my choice, and being a women’s college alumna is a privilege.

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