Monday, April 8, 2013

Same Sex Education?- Bring It!

Mary Anne Tuggle Payne, a 1982 graduate of Salem College writes about her experience at a women’s college via her blog; Forever-51. To read Mary Ann’s blog post, click here.

Salem College, founded in 1772 is liberal arts women's college and is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Blog Post Highlights:

"Today, most high school girls will never know the intimacy a small college, especially a woman’s college, can bring to a college education and to competing in the working world.  No glass ceilings exist in these environments. What do you want to be? Let’s make that happen!  The pressure of men in the classroom is non-existent.  Raise your hand, ask a question, be SMART and don’t be judged.  Speak up and become a leader.  I loved the small discussions we had with our professors over coffee (and cigarettes-we were, of course, in Winston-Salem, home of RJ Reynolds…) Develop a unique outlook on life and an appreciation for the education that is being given to you.  Appreciate the history of the environment you are learning in.

Most of today’s teenage girls turn up their noses at the thought of attending a same-sex college. Mainly because they are being educated in huge factory-like public schools where the only way you can break out of the crowd early and achieve popularity is to have a boyfriend, exist in a clique, color your hair, wear designer clothing…or draw unwanted negative attention to yourself–piercings, tattoos, partying…

To learn more about Salem College, click here.

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