Thursday, May 2, 2013

Advantages of a Women's College

Women’s colleges are committed to educating women. Bay Path College is one such college.  

Why attend a Women’s College?

"Bay Path College is committed to remaining a women’s college because it believes strongly that a women’s college education provides opportunities and experiences that foster confidence, creativity and collaboration.

For generations, women were limited in their options of pursuing a college education. Women’s colleges were founded largely on the belief that women should have access to higher education equally with men, and, in doing so, women would become valued and active participants on many levels (international to community) and in many fields (science, education, politics, and the arts).

Today, more than ever, that imperative still holds true. In fact, with our increasingly complex and global world, the success of Bay Path (and other women’s colleges) in the areas of science, technology, and focused disciplines is emphatic and undeniable. At Bay Path, the personal attention, the focus on academics, and the development of the whole person are qualities that are not only timeless…they provide value that stands the test of time."

The above is from Bay Path's Web site. To read the entire post, click here.

Bay Path College is located in Longmeadow, MA.To learn more about this women's college, click here.

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