Monday, May 27, 2013

Spotlight: Stern College for Women

Spotlight: Stern College for Women

I’m thrilled to spotlight the Stern College for Women today. Located in NYC, NY this women’s college is one for women who are looking to earn their bachelor’s degree in the arts and sciences, while embracing their Jewish heritage.

I’m including highlights about the college’s history from their Web site:

“Founded in 1954 with a major gift from Max Stern, president of Hartz Mountain Products, Stern College for Women is a pioneer in the field of women's education. We offer women the unprecedented opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree in the arts and sciences and immerse themselves in rigorous Jewish studies at the same time, in the same place.  . . .  Today, more than 1,000 students from across the United States and countries that span the globe attend Stern College. It is truly a gathering place of people and ideas, from Colombia to Morocco, Seattle to Teaneck. United by their quest for both unparalleled intellectual engagement and spiritual exploration, our students are ground-breakers. They become pioneers in their fields, whether as the first volunteer to serve on the US base at the South Pole, as a clerk for the Supreme Court of Israel or a professor of comparative literature at a Chinese university.

The S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program, begun with a major gift from philanthropist S. Daniel Abraham in 1999, has attracted students of ever-higher academic caliber to the college, where they engage in once-in-a-lifetime research opportunities and forge rewarding relationships with faculty mentors.

We have come light-years from our simple start with a handful of young women and a visionary dream. Our campus has grown from one building and a hotel to five dormitories bustling with students and three state-of-the-art classroom buildings. In December 2009, the beloved 245 Lexington Avenue building was renamed Stanton Hall in recognition of board member Ronald P. Stanton and his ceaseless dedication to Yeshiva University, including a gift of $100 million dollars to fund the Stanton Legacy.

That's where we've been so far. The best is yet to come.”

And here’s a welcome letter from the college Dean, Karen Bacon, Ph.D.

“Prestigious universities are measured by the research productivity of their faculty, the successes of their alumni, the size of their endowments and the weight of their ivy.

Here at Stern College for Women, we can point to some very impressive statistics on all these counts, save the ivy index. But we also pride ourselves on much more.

The commitment of our entire student body to the study of primary texts in Hebrew and Aramaic is unheard of in higher education in America. The number of our women engaged in community service is enviable. And the percentage of our students majoring, doing research and publishing in nontraditional fields for women, such as the physical and mathematical sciences, competes favorably with the percentages at much larger institutions.

Stern College is alive with a cacophony of voices from all over the United States and the world. These women are attracted by our unmatched Jewish Studies Program; our ambitious offering in the humanities, social and natural sciences; and our involvement with the culture of New York which is our campus.

All of this is coupled with opportunities to contribute to and learn from communities as distant as Guatemala and Thailand through our service-learning options.

If you see yourself as someone committed to Jewish studies, to academic achievement, to being part of a network of women who are developing themselves as leaders, movers and shakers, then you belong at Stern College

We look forward to adding your voice to our joyous cacophony.””

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