Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Single Sex Colleges: Are they right for you?

I enjoyed reading this article, "Single Sex Colleges: Are they right for you?" written by Lisa Jenkins, Writer/News Editor and published on September 20, 2012.

I believe that the power of a women’s college is its supportive environment, an environment that is simply not available in a coed college.

From the article, Lisa writes, “But why is it important for a woman to feel “empowered”? It may have to do with American society today. In Congress, men outnumber women nearly five to one. And Ms. Gabel pointed out the fact that women are still earning less to the dollar as compared to men. Ms. Monkemeier notices the disparity, and feels that “as women gain more of a foothold in the workforce… less of that empowerment will be needed.””

I hope you enjoyed reading Lisa’s article as much as I did and I encourage you seek the answer to the question, Single Sex Colleges: Are they right for you?

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