Monday, August 26, 2013

Celebrating the Women of The Women’s Suffrage Movement

The women’s suffrage movement resulted in many women, standing strong, going against the norm to ensure that women could vote. 

The right to vote -- It’s something many still take for granted today.

I honor these brave women who made this possible. I can’t imagine the struggle and hardship they endured.

While I’m thrilled for their success, it's important to know that a gender gap still exists and there is much more work for us gals to accomplish.

In celebration of the brave women who came before me. As we celebrate their accomplishment and thank then for their sacrifices, consider attending a women’s college. It’s an environment where you can find your voice and become the leader you dream about.

The world needs more strong, confident, and insightful women!

Learn what the new president of Smith College says to incoming firs-year students, in her article, “Smith President’s Advice To College Freshmen: Don’t Lean Back.”

“The world is not gender-equal, but college is strong preparation for making it so, writes Smith College President Kathleen McCartney. Her advice for how young women can lean into their college years.”

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