Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dorm Life at a Women’s College

Women’s colleges are great environment for learning as well as having fun!

In today’s blog post, I’ll share with you what Kelsie Kirchartz says about starting college and what to expect concerning dorm life. Kelsie is a Resident Assistant (RA) at Ursuline College.

Bring a positive attitude! Our goal in the halls is to have fun!

To learn what other RA suggests, visit the college blog.

Ursuline College is the leading women’s college in Ohio. Ursuline helps students to achieve their educational and career goals by emphasizing the whole person and providing personalized attention within a liberal arts higher educational environment. Ursuline offers more than 30 undergraduate and 11 graduate programs. For more information about Ursuline, visit ursuline.edu.

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