Friday, January 17, 2014

Future Entrepreneurs Attend Women’s Colleges . . . Meet One, Charlene Wang

Learn about Charlene Wang from the Web site of her Alma Mater, Wellesley College in the blog post, "Charlene Wang '03 Started Tranquil Tuesdays to Showcase China's Finest Teas and Empower Women."

Blog Post Highlights:

"When she first came to Wellesley from Fountain Valley, Calif., Wang became interested in global women’s issues, and took classes on the subject across disciplines from anthropology to economics. In an economics course on women, class, and gender, “Julie Matthei also opened up a whole new perspective of thinking in terms of defining and redefining value and work within the business context,” said Wang, and “I think about the concepts from Professor Roxanne Euben's Feminist Political Theory regularly in my work now.” As a student, she also maintained her childhood passion for good tea: Wang describes on the Tranquil Tuesday website how she procrastinated on final exams by shopping for loose-leaf tea samples online.

Wang joined the U.S. Foreign Service after graduation and worked in the American embassies in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Beijing, China, and served for a time with the United Nations Security Council. Her work brought her into regular contact with women’s rights activists, an experience Wang cherished after her time at Wellesley. Wang was particularly inspired by the dynamic, efficient nature of the social enterprise movement. “Instead of the nonprofit or NGO model of applying for funding,” she explained, “a social enterprise generates its own funds to address social issues through the products and services sold commercially, which we then use to reinvest in the women we are working with.”"

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