Friday, July 25, 2014

Women’s Colleges More Supportive of STEM

On May 13, 2014 by Lorraine Savage posted, "Women in STEM fields: Academics and Mentoring."

Highlights Include:

"Women’s colleges are more receptive to women in STEM majors and provide an atmosphere with less discrimination and peer pressure. They offer a supportive, nurturing, focused, research-based environment. They also prepare women to start a STEM career, obtain an advanced degree and arrange study opportunities and internships for women STEM students, reported Diane Propsner in “Why First-Year STEM Girls Attend Women’s Colleges” posted August 29, 2013, in Huffington Post.

In that article, Sue Turjman, a freshman studying medicine at all-women Mount St. Mary’s College, appreciates the mentoring she receives at the school. “I know that my professors will push me to my greatest ability, and it won’t matter that I’m a woman wanting a male-dominated profession… The Mount will give me an edge. I hope that going to a women’s college will even boost my grades without the little distractions,” said Turjman."

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