Friday, October 11, 2013

Horse Women and Women’s Colleges . . . Perfect Together

Depending upon your horse interest, many of the women’s colleges offer horse related programs.

If you are really into horses and also college-bound, here’s a blog post, “A Visit to Smith College,” from Randi Heatherman, The Equestrian College Advisor that you will enjoy. In this blog post, Randi writes about the equestrian program at Smith College. 

Randi begins her blog post with the following:

“Regular readers of this blog undoubtedly know that I have made it a point to make trips to many of the top women’s colleges in New England in the past couple of years and that my reasons for doing so have been twofold: The majority of my clients are young women, so all-female education is something that I feel is an important option for them to consider when embarking on the college search – and many of the top women’s colleges are also home to top riding programs.”

Randi knows horses and she also can advise you with college selection. Learn more about Randi and her college advisement services by visiting her Web site.

Smith College is a women's college located in Northampton, MA. To learn more about the college, visit their Web site.

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