Monday, October 28, 2013

Why You Should Consider a Women’s College

Carrie Wofford wrote an excellent blog post entitled, "Why You Should Consider a Women’s College" and one that I very much enjoyed.

I found myself smiling and shaking my head "yes" after reading the following words she wrote, "Those of us who went to women's colleges (I went to Byrn Mawr) are never surprised to hear the news that the "first" woman ever to do x, y or z, just happened to go to graduate from such a school."

Here's my favorite part:

"The campus communities also tend to be nurturing and supportive. Women's colleges develop very strong community bonds, passed down through generations of female graduates. "Traditions" at women's colleges differ from those at coed, with regular "step sings," "lantern night," "hoop races," special tea parties, and "canoe sings" – not unlike the special songs and traditions a girl might find at an all-girls' summer camp, and many of them common to all women's colleges. My husband said he didn't fully appreciate my college experience until he saw me at a reunion, singing ancient songs in Greek and Latin, in the dark night, with lanterns (colored by class year) swinging from our hands. The reality is that young men are simply less willing to stand around singing ancient songs in Greek and Latin about wisdom and beauty.

Citing all the studies about how women's colleges succeed so much better at nurturing and educating young women, Smith College offers the perfect tag line: "Of course, the world is coeducational. But Smith women enter it more confidently than women graduates of coed schools." A women's college might just be worth considering when you make your college choice this Fall."

 Below is a short bio of Carrie Wofford:

"Carrie Wofford is a Democratic strategist who served as a senior counsel in the Senate and a policy aide in the Clinton White House and in the Labor Department under Robert Reich. A veteran of many presidential and Senate campaigns, she also worked as a lawyer at WilmerHale and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Follow her on Twitter at @Carrie_Wofford."

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