Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why a Women’s College?

Here’s a recent blog post by Paulina Mangubat entitled “Why a Women’s College?” that I really enjoyed reading and I know you will as well.

Paula’s blog post starts with the following: 

"Who runs the world? Girls. No, really. Women’s colleges are all the rage nowadays, and from the looks of hallowed alums such as Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Anna Quindlen (graduates of Wellesley College, Smith College, and Barnard College, respectively), they’re here to stay.

Women’s colleges have become the backbone of pro-female pursuits for a good reason: they offer stellar educational opportunities, refreshingly liberal environments, and a steady catalog of successful female alumni ready to help with post-graduation networking. What began as a union of seven colleges—the aptly named “Seven Sisters”—has morphed into a nexus of elite liberal arts institutions ready to take in the next Hillary Clinton. Yes, I mean that Hillary Clinton.

Don’t try to persuade me that women’s colleges contribute to some kind of sexist, separatist worldview, because if you do, I’ll promptly slap some statistics in your face and look fabulous while doing it. Here’s the rundown: graduates of women’s colleges are more likely to earn PhDs than their coed counterparts. They’re more likely to succeed in male-dominated STEM fields. And, most importantly, they’re more likely to give back to the sisterhood, creating a tightly-knit network of talented, hardworking women."

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