Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Girl Power!

We all LOVE Girl Power! Check out the new statue at this women's college, Brenau University Women’s College located in Gainesville, GA.

"Golden Tiger Sisterhood Revs-Up at 'Grrrl Power Hour' During Women's College Convocation Brenau held its first Informal Women’s College Convocation on Tuesday, Oct. 28 at Pearce Auditorium in Gainesville. The theme of the convocation, “Grrrl Power Hour" (alluding to the university Golden Tiger mascot), ties into not only celebrating the Brenau sisterhood and igniting the sense of “girl power” in female students . . . " 

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"Pictured: Debra Dobkins, dean of Brenau's women's college, brought the first informal women's college convocation out to the steps of the Simmons Visual Arts Center to talk about a new statue on Brenau's historic campus."

"The second piece outside the building by Jean Westmacott, titled 'Brenau Woman #2,' is a confidant woman walking off of campus, ready to take on the world, with her freshly gained education."

Might Brenau University Women’s College be right for you? Learn more about this women's college here.

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