Monday, November 3, 2014

The College Wish List of Samantha English Jones Included Women’s College . . . Here’s Why

This college-bound high school girl has women’s colleges on her college wish list and for good reason!

Below is one of her reasons. Check out the other three and also see which women’s colleges made her list by reading Samantha's blog post, Why I’m applying to women’s colleges; I’m not crazy—just motivated.

They’re really good at what they do
"Women’s colleges are definitely great at one thing: educating women. They typically have smaller class sizes, dedicated teachers and scholarly environments—all of the elements I was looking for in a campus. But I also learned that women’s colleges have a mission to shape intelligent, strong women. In an all-female classroom, there may be more opportunities for women to speak up and have a voice. That’s something that will carry over to the real world.

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