Monday, November 10, 2014

Her College Story: Finding Home in the Least Likely of Places

By Gabrielle Thompson
St. Catherine University
Class: 2017
Major:Speech Communications

When I started my college search, I wasn't looking for a women's college. I just started looking for a school kind of close to home with a small-medium student population. I also was looking for a college with a more personal atmosphere and a campus that didn't feel like it was in a "big city". I used sites like and the to help me narrow down my search list. In all honesty, I just kind of stumbled upon St. Catherine University.

To say I chose St. Catherine University would be a lie -- It chose me. St. Kate's was the only college I actually toured. But from the moment we drove up to the campus and I stepped foot outside of the car, I got a feeling in my gut that St. Kate's was where I belonged. It had a friendly atmosphere and beautiful flowers and landscaping everywhere. It felt like a place that would challenge me but also offer me the feminine empowering atmosphere I wanted. After walking around more and seeing and hearing about everything the school had to offer, I knew it was the place I would be calling home.

St. Kate's gave me the feeling that I mattered. And without a male dominated population, I knew I would be able to pursue my dreams while also growing as a person. I know that St. Kate's will help me to accomplish anything I put my mind to.

My friends and family have been very supportive of my decision. But I guess we've never really look at my decision as one to attend a women's college. It's only been viewed as a decision to further my education. When I say that the school chose me, it sounds a little funny, but God has been guiding this whole process. Originally I was hesitant about attend a private, Catholic, women's college because it was so expensive. But everything has worked out. Through St. Catherine's financial aid and local scholarships I received, I will be attend for less than any other school I could have gone to. St. Kate's cares about making women's dreams possible and they are very willing to find every possible option when it comes to financial help.

                                                © 2014 - Gabrielle Thompson

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