Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Attending a Women's College Was the Best Decision I' Ever Made

I love, love, love reading women’s colleges blog post from fellow HuffPost bloggers!! Check out Sofia Lyons’ blog post, “Why Attending a Women's College Was the Best Decision I' Ever Made.”

". . . No, I don't feel as though the lack of men is leaving me ill-prepared. Rather, I feel confident and ready to speak my mind, thanks to the simultaneously nurturing yet challenging environment. I never feel as though I'm in competition with my classmates, because I have the opportunity to speak in a free space, without feeling as though I'm being judged or criticized. Every class is an ongoing discussion between peers and professors alike. While this may be possible at co-ed universities, studies have shown that women are less likely to speak up when they are outnumbered by men. Women's colleges teach leadership and confidence through active participation. (And believe it or not, "women's studies" isn't the main focus of every class -- and when it is, we analyze gender roles from every side, including the male perspective!) After four years of this, you can imagine that graduates emerge empowered and ready to take their seat at the metaphorical table. In a study by Marie Claire magazine, researchers found that overall, employers were less likely to hire women because they lacked something called executive presence - basically, the kind of presence and self-assured attitude that makes you CEO material. Women's colleges produce these kinds of women, without a doubt. . . ."

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Sofia ’17 is a Comparative Literature (French and Italian) major at Barnard College in NYC with an eye on becoming a style writer/women’s columnist.

Learn more about this single-sex college, Barnard College, here.

Women's Colleges Rock! Ask Me How!

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