Monday, March 23, 2015

Birthday Wishes for a Mathematician: Emmy Noether (March 23, 1882)

From the Agnes Scott College Web site:

Emmy Noether made many contributions to the field of mathematics. She spent her time studying abstract algebra, with special attention to rings, groups, and fields. Because of her unique look on topics, she was able to see relationships that traditional algebra experts could not. She published over 40 papers in her lifetime. She was also a teacher who was able to inspire her students to make their own contributions to the field of mathematics.

Emmy Noether taught at Bryn Mawr College until her death in 1935. Teaching at a women's college was very different for Noether. For the first time, she had colleagues that were women. Anna Pell Wheeler, another woman mathematician, was the head of the department at Bryn Mawr, and became a great friend of Noether. Wheeler understood about how Emmy had to struggle to have a career in mathematics in Germany, and about being uprooted from her homeland. Noether was still a caring and compassionate teacher.

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Written by Mandie Taylor, Class of 1998 (Agnes Scott College)

Happy Birthday Emmy!
And Thanks for Your Contributions to the Field of Mathematics!

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