Friday, March 27, 2015

This Women’s College Student is Google-Bound

Most everyone knows that I love a good STEM story and today I'm sharing this one. Meet Mina Khan ’15, via the blog post, "She’s Google-bound." written by Keely Savoie.

Mina Khan ’15 remembers the time she spent working in Associate Professor of Physics Kathy Aidala’s lab at Mount Holyoke College as pivotal in her academic career.

Mentor and student were working on making denser, more stable material for magnetic memory storage when Khan had an epiphany about the connections between physics and computer science.

“We were working on ferromagnetic nanostructures,” she said. “It was physics research, but I realized that physics, math, computer science are all problem solving. It’s just a different kind of problem.”

Problem-solving is exactly what Khan does best—and it’s even better when she can do it across disciplines, drawing on her unquenchable curiosity and formidable intelligence for a fresh approach. No wonder, then, that as she completes her Mount Holyoke degree at MIT, she has a job at software giant Google waiting for her.

“It’s quite exciting,” said Khan, who is looking forward to the work itself and the company culture. “I like how Google is dealing with technology. They are combining academic research with industry, and taking things further than anyone would have imagined. They think about the future now.”

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Women's colleges excel at educating STEM women. If STEM is your thing, consider attending a women's college like Mina did! And see what you could be doing over the summer via my blog post, What These STEM College Women Are Doing This Summer.

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