Monday, February 17, 2014

What Are Women's Colleges Like?

Mark Gathercole is a professional university advisor and for over 18-years, Mark has helped numerous students find their ideal college. Below are Mark's thoughts concerning women's colleges.

"There are lots of advantages to attending a women's college. According to research, women's college graduates achieve at a higher level in their careers, earn more in salary, have longer lasting relationships with classmates, and have a higher level of loyalty to their colleges. There tends to be greater opportunity for women in these colleges, as well; the vast majority of leadership positions in coed colleges are held by men, where obviously 100% of leadership positions in women's colleges are held by women. Equally obviously, 100% of research opportunities at women's colleges are open only to women.

But what about men on campus? While some women's colleges don't have many men on campus, others that are situated near coed schools routinely see men on campus, either taking classes there or just visiting. Besides, can you think of a bigger "guy magnet" than a college full of women? 

Even if you've never considered a women's college, keep your mind open to the idea and do some research, including asking questions of current students."

While Mark's practice is based in Cannonsburg, MI, he works with students from all over the world.To learn more about his services, visit his Web site.

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